The Yellow Rooster Coffee Story

Established in June 2019, Yellow Rooster Coffee (YRC) works closely with producers at origin and with their teams in Tampa and Auckland.

Hannah and Ernesto are the two responsible for the New Zealand operations as well as connecting us to some inspiring producers such as Néstor Hernández Rodríguez, Esmerita Vásquez Ramírez and Maria Nieves Tantalean Fernandez.


Through mutual trust, transparency and commitment, Yellow Rooster Coffee's misison is to help create dignified relationships for everyone across the coffee supply chain.

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The New Zealand Chapter

Hannah & Ernesto met YRC co-founder Jimmy Avedano while travelling through South America. While YRC did not exist at that time and their meeting was brief, the three shared similar values which brought them back together in Colombia some months later.


Over the course of a month, the three spent time immersed in the local coffee industry amongst producers, roasters, baristas and other coffee professionals with no other reason than to experience the atmosphere and appreciated the passion of all those involved.


While Jimmy went back to Florida to establish Yellow Rooster Coffee, Hannah & Ernesto saw an opportunity in New Zealand.

Particularly, as we begin to look to our morning coffee to enrich not just our lives, but every life along the supply chain.

  • Both of our Peruvian coffees are known for their outstanding textures. Finca El Limon reminds us of that creaminess of coconut with a soft passionfruit-like acidity

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  • Finca La Esperanza is another of our foundational coffees. Despite being only 30% of our Bedrock Blend, it lends a rich, heavy body and reminds us of marzipan and fruit mince.

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