Hammerstone Coffee is a small part of a bigger picture
To do what we do requires the hard work of a lot of others so if you like what we do, you'll no doubt love what they do

Coffee Suppliers

In a world dominated by unfairly low prices and uncertainty, it's important for us to be working with people who share our values and a drive for greater sustainabiltiy and humanity within the coffee industry.
Here are some of the champions of the industry we source from.

  • Founded in 2015, Cofinet are pioneers of Colombian specialty coffee known for their quality, innovation and support of local coffee producers.

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  • Operating out of Tampa, US and Auckland NZ and founded in June 2020, Yellow Rooster Coffee are a relationship focussed, producer-first exporter.

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Transparency and quality doesn't just stop at coffee.
We work with several others along the way to bring you the final product.

  • EcoBarista

    Coffee Packaging

    Eco Barista is a small passionate team focusing on coffee packaging, specialising in eco-friendly and compostable products.

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  • Little & Create

    Brand Design

    Grace Aitken from Little & Create is a brand expert and web designer who helps go-getters bring their creative ideas to life through fresh branding and website design.

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  • Connected Accountants

    Accountancy Services

    Wellington-based accountancy firm, Connected Accountants, focuses on a transparent and relationship forward model with open communication.

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