What might have seemed like a silly time to be starting a new business, it was also the right time to start looking a different ways to do business.

Taylor & I founded Hammerstone Coffee with the intention of building our own relationships within the coffee industry and looking at ways we can make a meaningful adjustment to the status quo.

We weren't naive, we know that any change worth happening was going to take time and that many other companies were making tremoundous changes to the status quo already - we just knew that we wanted to be a part of that.

Our mission

For the longest time, the coffee producing industry has proven to be unsustainable from a financial perspective as producers face increasing costs of materials, unstable pricing models and the effects of climate change.


We're supporting exporters that have those producers' best interests in mind and, while just being a drop of water in this vast ocean, our mission is to build towards being able to make a meaningful impact in the world of coffee, both here and abroad.


Our first step as Hammerstone Coffee is to share some incredible coffees with you  - from producers who are making their first foray into the equitable specialty coffee industry to established producers who are innovating for the future.


As we grow, you can expect to see new producers, products and initiatives but, for now, we're focusing on setting our values and building relationships.


We're looking forward to having you come along with us.