The Cofinet Story

Cofinet was founded in 2015 by brothers, Felipe and Carlos Arcila. The Arcila family have been involved in the coffee industry for over 80 years now and as 4th generation coffee farmers, the Arcila family are well-versed in coffee producing, processing and exporting.


This experience, coupled with the community they have built around them, put them in the position to support the local coffee industry and improve the livelihoods of farmers through shared knowledge.


Cofinet are pioneers of a lot of innovative coffee processes which aim to add value to producers' coffee and help build a more sustainable income for Colombian smallholder producers.

Most of these coffees are processed at their dedicated processing station, Finca La Pradera.

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Investing in people

As well as producing some phenomenal coffees, Cofinet works alongside producers to improve quality through sharing processing techniques, knowledge and connecting producers to likeminded coffee roasters.


Their internship program which is available at no cost to producers allows them to spend 6 days at Finca La Pradera, learning and honing their skills to take back to their own finca (farm).

  • One of our foundational coffees.

    Finca La Glorieta is a well balanced 'coffee' coffee from Hernando Arcila with a flavour profile that reminds us of caramel and blackcurrant.

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  • Finca El Tesoro is one of our Tier 2 coffees that has a complex, tea-like flavour profile. A delicate coffee that reminds us of mandarin and Assam black tea.

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  • Finca Villarazo is our current tier 3 coffee. Sourced through Cofinet from Jairo Arcila, this fruity yet chocolately coffee is a unique drinking experience.

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