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Bedrock - Recurring Subscription

Bedrock - Recurring Subscription

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Sometimes when you reach for your coffee machine or plunger in the morning - you want something reliable, something you can count on to kickstart your day.

Our Bedrock blend is designed to do just that. Bedrock is a well-balanced & medium bodied coffee perfect for flat whites, long blacks or a bold filter coffee.

Our current Bedrock profile reminds us of hazelnut, dark chocolate & citrus fruits with a velvety body.

Our Blending Philosophy

On top of being a rock-solid coffee for your mornings, Bedrock serves another purpose...

This blend features some of the core producers that we have the pleasure of sourcing coffee from which allows us to buy more of the coffee we enjoy, more frequently.

Coffee is still a seasonal product so while nuances may change over the years, the foundations of the blend will remain the same. Any changes to the blends will be reflected below but Bedrock will always be a blend that you can rely on.

Iteration V3.0

Our latest iteration of Bedrock comprises of coffee from Finca Santa Monica (70%) & Finca La Esperanza (30%)

Finca Santa Monica is a well-rounded coffee with a pleasant acidity and caramel-like sweetness while Finca La Esperanza provides a rich body and nutty tones.

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