There's a lot going on with coffee and it can be tricky to know what's what.
Here are some short answers to frequently asked questions.

coffee at home

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How should I store my coffee?

One the best ways to store your coffee at home is to keep coffee beans in an airtight container which keep the light out. Store this in a cool dry area.

What if I can't grind my coffee fresh?

If you have no choice but to buy preground coffee, it's best to buy it directly from a roaster and have them grind it fresh rather than a supermarket.

When buying preground coffee, try to buy small quantities (ideally, no more than a week's worth at a time)

Can I freeze my coffee?

You can definitely freeze your coffee! This will increase its shelf life for an additional 3-4 months and can improve grind quality.

Coffee does absorb flavours and aromas easily so be sure to keep it well sealed and away from strong aromas.

How often should I be cleaning my machine?

There are plenty of little things you can be doing to make sure your coffee machine is running smoothly so be sure to check out our video tutorial on taking care of your machine.

For now, it's important that you remove the used coffee puck after every extraction and rinse the shower screen as well as purging and wiping down the steam wand after each use to prevent bacteria.

You should also be shampooing your coffee machine once a week if using daily.

How long is my coffee good for?

Depending on the roast profile, coffee can peak at different times.

Our espresso roasts are typically best between 4-12 days after the roast date.
Our filter coffees are typically best after 6-7 days up until 1 month after roast, if stored correctly.

Coffee brewing

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My coffee is extracting too fast - what should I do?

There can be many reasons for this so be sure to check out our video tutorials but the most common is to do with grind size.

Your grinder is likely set too coarse and you'll need to grind your coffee at a finer setting in order to extend the contact time and balance out your espresso.

The coffee is only extracting from one portafilter spout - what's up?

Check your tamp - uneven flow is a result of uneven tamp which can result in channeling and bitterness in coffee.

Water is spraying from the sides of my portafilter - is that normal?

If you've got water spraying from a sealed portafilter, it is generally due to an incomplete seal. A few reasons for that are:
> Coffee grinds on the rim of the basket
>Dented portafilter basket
> Worn gasket seals

My coffee crema is extremely bubbly - why's that?

Crema is the carbon dioxide remaining in ground coffee suspending the fats and oils after extraction. Too much crema is due to the coffee being too fresh - we try to wait 5 days after roast before using our espresso roasts.